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Samsung MV800


Design and Build Quality
When the Samsung MV800 arrived at our labs, we were pleasantly surprised as to how slim the camera actually was. Dressed in a matte black finsh, this point and shoot looks as stylish, as it is compact. The front of the camera features the lens that occupies a majority of this area. Other design features of the camera at the front include an AF assist as well as an LED flash.

The rear of the camera features the 16:9, 3-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen display that flushes along the body of the camera. Its design is really good, giving it a look of some of the mid to high-end smartphones found in the market these days. There are only two buttons found at the back and these are the home button and the playback button. The buttons look rich and the circular design adds to the class factor of the camera.

The top of the camera features the shutter release button that is located on the inside of the zoom rocker as well as the power button, which when on is surrounded by an LED indicator. Connectivity options for the camera lie in a bay located at the side of this shooter and they include an HDMI port and a USB port. The battery bay located on the underside of the camera houses the MicroSD card slot as well.

The most interesting design of the camera is its flip out display. The whole screen is able to be tilted out. But, unlike some of the other cameras available in the market, Samsung has located the hinge at the top thereby making it possible to be tilted up and over so that one can easily take self portraits. This can be done by using a second shutter release button located underneath the screen. The other side of the screen has a textured finish keeping in line with the stylish looks of the camera. The hinge feels sturdy and can remain at the position it is left in. This allows it to also be used as a stand, while viewing content from the camera.

The camera weighs a little over 130g, battery included, thus making it very light and easy to carry around. Size-wise, this camera is no larger than a business card and one can easily fit it in their pocket and women can carry it around in their purses. Clicking pictures with the right hand is extremely easy because of its light weight and compact form factor. Overall, we were very impressed with the design and build quality of this compact camera.

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