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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3W


Panasonic as a brand has successfully launched Micro Four Thirds cameras and building up from their existing range, they have released the DMC-GF3W. This is one of the world’s smallest and probably the lightest interchangeable lens system camera. It boasts of interesting attributes such as a pancake lens, an additional 14 - 42mm lens, full HD 1080p video recording, a touchscreen and other interesting features. Read on to know more about this offering from Panasonic.

Design and Build Quality
The Panasonic DMC-GF3W is one of the most compact Micro Four Thirds compacts we have seen. It is quite lightweight as well weighing at approximately 264g with the battery and memory card. Carrying it around is not a problem at all, due to these compact features. It can easily fit in a jeans pocket, a shirt pocket or a purse. The size of it being this compact is something that appealed to us a lot.

The DMC-GF3W is available in a range of colours, allowing one to purchase the colour option they desire. The available colour options are black, red, white, pink, brown and white. The colour variant we received in our labs was the pink one. The camera has a matte pink finish all over and the only other colour found on it is in the form of a strip found along the sides of the body. Besides the 14mm lens that came bundled with the body that can be attached to the front, the face features just the AF assist and the Lumix branding.

Panasonic has gone with the minimalistic approach, while designing this camera and have added very few buttons at the back besides the 3-inch resistive touchscreen. There is a scroll wheel that is located around the four way jog dial. Other buttons at the back are a playback button and a function button. The buttons located on the top, include a power switch, a shutter release button, a video recording button and an iAuto button. All the buttons are greyish and they feel plasticy. The rest of the body feels really sturdy and we had no qualms with the rest of the build quality and this includes the pop up flash as well.

The DMC-GF3W comes bundled with two lenses, a 14mm pancake lens and a 14-42mm lens.These lens fit well on the lens mount and like interchangeable lens cameras, a button is required to remove them from the body. Removing the lens is a fairly simple task and we did not face any resistance. The build quality of the pancake lens is good. The zoom ring on the 14-42mm lens feels a bit cheap and plasticy. This was a bit disappointing. Connectivity options lie on the side of the camera in a bay and these include a proprietary USB port and a mini HDMI port.

Handling of the camera is not that easy with a right hand as there is no real hand grip as compared with the Olympus PEN E-P3. Bundled along with the camera is a neck strap that does help to an extent if the camera accidentally slips. Rounding up the design of the camera, the Lumix DMC-GF3W looks quite attractive and with the colour options available it can appeal to both genders.

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